Products used in home appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers, coffee machine, soybean milk, induction cooker and other appliances.

    Proximity sensing area when the magnet switch, the switch can be non-contact, no pressure, no spark, electrical command issued quickly, accurately reflect the position of the movement mechanism and by a magnetic system in the float tube through the body of the reed switch to trigger Close or open to produce switching action to achieve the purpose of controlling the liquid level.。

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    The products are used in the bathroom and home furnishing field, including toilet/washing tray/home switch/smart switch, etc.

    For example, the temperature sensor is suitable for accurate temperature control and rapid reflection of electrical appliances. Adopting radial glass-sealed thermistor chip, measuring temperature is more accurate; epoxy resin encapsulation, high and low temperature impact product resistance, no floating, no shelling; heat resistance, cold resistance and very good stability。

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    Products are used in the automotive field, including water temperature sensors/temperature sensors/pressure sensors/air conditioning sensors, etc.

    The internal working principle of the automobiles water temperature sensor is that the lower the temperature, the greater the resistance; on the contrary, the smaller the resistance, it is installed on the water jacket of the engine cylinder block or cylinder head and directly contacts the cooling water, thereby measuring the engine cooling water temperature.

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    Products are used in the field of Internet of Things, including smart sensors, proximity sensors, brightness sensors and so on.

    Intelligent sensor has the characteristics of high precision, low cost, diversified functions, strong automation, etc. It is a sensor with information processing function, and is the product of the combination of sensor integration and microprocessor. Sensors in many IoT scenarioses have the characteristics of smart sensors. In the future
    Internet of Things era, smart sensors will be the mainstream of the market.

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Displacement detection series


The magnetic proximity switch is mainly composed of two parts: the sensor and the trigger.

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